Key Moments in Kentucky Basketball History

Christina Bassett
December 3, 2016

Kentucky Basketball history has many key as well as memorable moments. Key moments in Kentucky Basketball history will live on in the hearts of many for years to come. For example in February 8, 1903 Kentucky recorded its very first win. The win was an 11-10 victory in favor of Kentucky.

Another very unforgettable and key moment in Kentucky Basketball history was when Kentucky finished their very first season with a record of 1-2. First seasons are always look upon with great happiness and appreciation. In addition, many of these key events make for excellent basketball stories.

Adolph Rupp was hired to coach the Kentucky Basketball team in the year 1930. Rupp’s very first win was over Georgetown. A teams first win is always a memorable event. In addition, in most cases the coach that brought the team to their first victory is always highly respected among team members as well as the public.

In March of 1948, five very talented and dedicated players helped Kentucky win their first NCAA Championship. The five talented players included Alex Groza, Cliff Barker, Kenny Rollins, Ralph Beard and Wallace Jones. Due to this stunning victory the five players were named “The Fabulous Five”. The team won a total of 36 out of 39 games which is quite impressive to say the least.

In 1950 Alex Groza was named the “Teams Most Valuable Player”. Alex Groza managed to score a stunning 82 points in just three games. Groza certainly possessed talent and team devotion.

In 1951 Kentucky continued its lucky streak. Due to the efforts of Rupp, the team won its third NCAA Championship. Kentucky was able to beat Kansas in this game with a final score of 68-58.

Also in 1952 Bill Spivey was named “Outstanding Player”. This was a key event in Kentucky’s history due to the fact that Spivey would leave the team for good after the 1952 season concluded. Being named “Outstanding Player” will always be remembered by fans and other team mates.

In 1958 Kentucky won their Fourth NCAA Championship. Kentucky won over Seattle with a final score of 84-72. This was considered a true victory for Kentucky because they conquered Elgin Baylor.

Jumping a head a bit to the year 1989. Rick Pitino was named Kentucky’s head coach. Pitino had two years experience coaching the New York Knicks. Coaching the Knicks gave Pitino some excellent coaching experience which served him well in his career.

In the 1995-96 season Kentucky had nine players that played in the NBA. It was quite evident that Kentucky developed a reputation over the years as being a tough and talented team. The nine talented players earned the name “The Untouchables”.

Finally, in 1998 Jeff Sheppard was chosen as one of the NCAA most outstanding players of all time. This was certainly a victory as well as a major accomplishment for any sports figure.

Key events in Kentucky Basketball history will be talked about for years to come. Memorable events in sports can always fascinate the public and give them something to talk about with their friends and family.


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